About OHara Bait Fresh and Frozen

About O'Hara Bait

In business for over 65 years.

A division of O’Hara Corporation, O’Hara Lobster Bait started out on the docks of Tillson Avenue in Rockland. The bait business started when the O’Hara owned redfish processing facility needed something to do with the left over carcasses. These carcasses, also known as racks, were sold to local lobstermen for bait. As the bait business grew, alewives were used as bait in the spring and whole herring was purchased from other local businesses. As the redfish boats left, herring became the most popular form of bait for lobstermen.

During the 1980’s, truck loads of herring were purchased from local fishing boats and delivered to docks around the state. Here the fresh herring was stored in barrels inside covered “fish houses.” These fish were left to the elements and rot was a serious problem. To combat the decay, local bait dealers began to mix the herring with salt. This allowed the herring to stay fresh longer. O’Hara’s adapted to the markets and began salting herring in the early 2000’s. The bait shop was moved to its current location on Front Street, in Rockland where an indoor processing facility and cooler was built. Today, O’Hara is Maine’s largest bait dealer, again adapting to the changing markets offering a variety of fresh and frozen lobster baits.



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