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About O'Hara Bait

O’Hara Lobster Bait has been supplying bait to the coast of Maine for over 65 years.

Operating a full indoor processing facility and over 20,000 square feet of freezer storage, we try to always keep you supplied with bait. Don’t hesitate to call us or check our website for our ever changing prices and availability.

Fresh Bait

  • Herring
  • Pogies
  • Redfish

Fresh Bait Price List

Frozen Bait

  • Rockfish
  • Tuna Heads
  • Redfish

  • Black Cod
  • Pogies


Frozen Bait Prices

Quality – Service – Dependability

Fresh Herring Bait

Owner and operator of two herring vessels, the F/V Sunlight and F/V Starlight, O’Hara Lobster Bait is able to bring you the highest quality bait in the area. After the fish are caught, they are immediately put into refrigerated sea water fish holds aboard the boats. Here the water is kept at 29 degrees to prevent spoil. The boats then steam to the processing facility where they are directly put into tanks and barrels, then into to the cooler for storage for sale.

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19 Front Street
Rockland, ME